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Restaurant Don Vito Center


All elements of the site, including design, database, text, pictures, graphics, sketches and other information or elements beyond the ones placed by the users and advertisers are subject to copyright according the meaning of the Copyright and Related Rights Act and are owned by the site owner.
The use of graphical and video materials published in the site is strictly forbidden without the preliminary consent of the owner. The infringers shall be sanctioned with the whole strictness of law.

Service/s are services rendered by the owner by presenting the products, delivery and promotional campaigns.
Website/site is an individual site in the global Internet network accessible by its uniform address (URL) by protocol HTTP, HTTPS or other standardized protocol and containing files, programs, text, sound, picture, image or other materials and resources.  

User is each person which uses the services rendered by the owner.

Malicious and incorrect actions are actions or inactions breaching the Internet ethics or causing damages to persons connected to the Internet or associated networks, sending junk mail  (SPAM, JUNK MAIL), channel flooding (FLOOD), gaining access to resources with other rights and passwords, using flaws in the systems for personal benefit or to obtain information (HACK), performing actions that may be qualified as industrial espionage or sabotage or causing virus installation or remote control systems, disturbing the normal operation of other users of the Internet and associated networks and performing any acts that could be classified as a crime or administrative offence under the Bulgarian law or the law of other country.
Delivery – delivery of order, packing in form suitable for transportation and transportation of the order to address submitted by the customer.  

Internet page according the meaning of these General conditions means constituent and individual part of this website.

"Accidental event" is unforeseen or unforeseeable circumstance at the moment of contract entry of extraordinary nature which makes the rendering of services objectively impossible;
2.1 The owner does not collect personal data for the site visitors beyond the technologically needed identification information which the sites automatically collect while you are in them as well as the minimum needed information for performing deliveries. The owner does not use and shall not use, submit, sell or lease whatever part of this automatically collected technological information at any circumstances and at any price.
2.2 By agreement with these general conditions the visitors and users of the site express their consent for use of this technologically needed identification information which the sites automatically collect as well as information voluntarily submitted by them regarding name and delivery address, telephone number and mail for feedback.
2.3 The using of "cookies" as identification at visiting sites is small amount of information which the web server sends to the web browser and which allows to the server to collect feedback from the browser. More information about the use of "cookies" you may find on
2.3 The owner does not store in any way whatever data for your credit and debit cards. The online payments are made by re-sending to module for online payments operated by, which module processes the online payment and sends back status to the Owner for successfully made payment.
3.1 The owner is entitled to change the design, form, technology and services which render the sites without notifying in advance the users about this.
3.2 The owner is entitled by his estimation to delete part of the services which it renders or to limit the access to them for all or particular users.
3.3 The owner is entitled at non-performance of contractual relations, malicious actions, indecent comments and other actions incompatible with the moral and good trade practice to delete, limit and/or close the information of unspecified user and without the right of reconsideration.
3.4 The owner is entitled to look for responsibility and sanctions related to the services which he renders if he has received notification about infringement in the site by the authorized authorities under the Bulgarian law or in the cases when a user infringes contractual relations, performs malicious actions, makes indecent comments and/or makes other acts incompatible with the moral and good trade practice.
3.5 The owner undertakes to notify the authorities for the breach of regulations of the public moral and Bulgarian law including the publishing of pornographic materials and photos, insults, unsolicited advertising, breaching the copyright and related rights, breaching the freedom and rights of personality, discrimination, threatening life or health of the society and the users of the sites.
3.6 The owner is entitled to lease with sale purpose in his sites space to advertisers and to exhibit, show, send, perform, load their advertisements and any advertising materials for own purposes or for the purposes of customers which he serves.
3.7. The owner is entitled to generate and send to e-mail address indicated by the user synthesized information for the novelties in the offered services in the form of electronic bulletin, weekly menu or current promotions.
3.8 By agreement with these general conditions the Owner receives the right to send to the user messages according the meaning of art. 6 of Electronic Trade Act as provides the clear and unambiguous identification of the trade message as non-requested.
3.9 The owner undertakes to provide to the user in a clear and unambiguous way possibility for refusal of receiving the messages under p. 3.7. and 3.8.  
3.10 The user is entitled to use for free the services rendered by the sites for non-commercial purposes.  
3.11 The user  is entitled to access in on-line regime to the services at observing the conditions and requirements for access.
3.12 The right of access of the User does not include the right to copy or reproduce information, materials and resources as well as to use intellectual property objects unless it concerns for insignificant volume of information intended for personal use, provided that are not unreasonably infringed the legal interests of the authors or other bearers of intellectual property rights and in case that copying or reproduction is made with non-commercial purpose.
3.14 The user is entitled to indicate e-mail address on which he wants to receive synthesized information about the novelties published on the site of the Owner in the form of electronic bulletin.  
3.15 The user is entitled to refuse by the manners granted by the Owner the receiving the messages under p. 3.7 and p. 3.8, as the refusal of receiving messages deprives the user by the opportunity to participate in the promotional offers requiring the sending of vouchers and/or feedback.  
3.16 The user undertakes to notify in advance in an appropriate way the Owner in case that the e-mail address used at the registration is in the register of e-mail addresses of legal persons which do not wish to receive non-requested commercial messages.  

The minimum value of the orders must be 20lv.

Delivery is paid in value 1.99lv.

4.1. The owner renders the service - food delivery to the home and office within Sofia city.
4.2 The acceptance of orders for delivery is made on-line by the site or by other means of communication or mobile or web based application submitted for contact in the site
4.2 The deliveries are made by authorized employees of the respective restaurant DON VITTO
4.3. The delivery of the ordered articles is made to exact address (block, entrance, floor and flat), administrative building .indicated by the user and also at submitted telephone for feedback.
4.4. The delivery of the ordered articles is made within nearly 60 minutes as of the order. acceptance. In cases of force majeure events (adverse climatic conditions, road accidents etc.), the duration for order may be indefinite or the order may be cancelled by the owner.  
4.5. The order subject to delivery is transported and delivered in appropriate packing and within reasonable terms depending on the time zone and the workload of DON VITTO restaurants.
4.6. The registration in the site entitles the users to participation in the promotional campaigns held by the Owner 
4.7.The registration site entitles consumers to participate in promotional shares held by the Owner
4.8.The user has the right to use only one of the active promotional shares of its choice. Combining more than one promitsionalna share is not allowed by the Owner.
5.1. The rendering of services and access to resources on the sites does not comprise providing of computer equipment and connection for transfer of informational packages between the user and the internet page needed for access to the website resources. The owner is not responsible for any disturbances or technical problems due to accidental events and to such ones related to the use of services as a result of operation of the computer equipment by the user (hardware or software problem, problem with internet connection etc.).
5.2  The owner is not responsible for malicious and incorrect actions on behalf of third persons.  
5.3 Only the advertisers are responsible for the content of advertising materials. The advertisements and the other materials placed on the sites by third persons shall be made in conformity with the national and community legislation in force in the field of protection of industrial property, copyrights, competition, users and to be conformed to the rules of the fair trading practice and good manners.
6.1. Links to the General conditions are placed in the usual manner in the bottom section of the sites of the Owner.
6.2. By order submission by user and receiving reply for loading notwithstanding of the geographical location of the user, including by indirect loading by means of hyperlink ("electronic link" according the meaning of Electronic Trade Act), banner and/or other appropriate manner according the used technology, at it by another website, as well as by voluntary registration the user makes electronic statement according the meaning of Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act by which he declares that he wishes to use the services rendered by the Owner, that he is acknowledged with these General conditions as in the relations between him and the Owner they have the power of contract which shall be kept.
6.3. The general conditions are effective for the parties as of the making of electronic statement on behalf of the user until the moment of termination the use of services of the Owner by leaving the respective site as at every new entry a new contract is concluded.
6.4. At amendments and/or supplements of the General conditions the owner notifies the users in appropriate manner for the made amendments – by publishing on a visible place on his Internet page message for the made amendments and/or supplements in the General conditions and the text of the made amendments not later than 7 days before entry into force of the amendments and/or supplements.  
6.6. The General conditions enter into force as of the date of their publishing and their last update.
All disputes arisen of these General conditions or referring to them, including the disputes arisen or referring to their interpretations, invalidity, performance or termination as well as the disputes for filling gaps in them or their adapting to newly arisen circumstances shall be settled by negotiations, and in case that consent may not be achieved – by judicial proceedings.